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Unpacking the No of Permanency for Older Youth
December 5, 2012

Facilitating permanency for youth in foster care can be very challenging work. Many teens that have been in the child welfare system have experienced multiple placements and relationships and are at a challenging crossroad between childhood and adulthood. Adults who work with youth have an ethical and moral responsibility to help them identify caring, committed adults with whom they might want to establish a lifelong connection. The practice and professional literature speaks to the importance of permanence for youth and how continued instability increases the long-term risks for teens, which may continue well into adulthood. The best Independent Living programs in the world (and there are many good ones) cannot provide the same solace that a family can give to a young person.  In this webcast, Dr. Gerald Mallon, NRCPFC Executive Director, discussed the concept of permanency for older youth. He discussed APPLA and explored various permanency options – reunification, guardianship, relative care, and adoption. He provided guidance on the process of exploring adoption with adolescents, considering factors that may cause adolescents to initially reject the idea of being adopted, and providing suggestions for what workers can say instead of accepting their “No.” Dr. Mallon also discussed resources and Technical Assistance on this topic available through NRCPFC. Dr. Mallon’s daughter, Leslie Fuller, shared her experience of growing up in foster care and being adopted as an adult, and offered her perspective on the topic.

  • Unpacking the “No” of Permanency for Older Adolescents
    This PowerPoint focusing on "Unpacking the "No" of Permanency for Adolescents" is a part of approved on-site Technical Assistance (TA) which NRCPFC engaged in with the State of Florida in three Regions (Ocala, Volusia and Orlando). This work supported the Permanency Roundtables Initiative by Casey Family Programs in these same Regions and underpins the framework of "Permanency Values" for the Permanency Roundtable Initiatives. NRCPFC was proud to collaborate with Casey Family Programs on this important permanency initiative. (November 2011)

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  • Permanency for Older Youth – 2012 Resources
    This bibliography was compiled for this webcast by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. (November 2012)