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The Child Welfare Workforce: Issues and Strategies for Recruitment, Selection, and Retention – September 30, 2009

Listening Time: 3 minutes

Welcome and Introductions
Overview of Today’s Teleconference and the Teleconference Series

Gerald P. Mallon
, DSW, Professor and Executive Director, National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections, Hunter College School of Social Work

Workforce Challenges in Child Welfare
Workforce Strategies from the 8 R&R Grantees

Nancy S. Dickinson, MSSW, PhD, Project Director, National Child Welfare Workforce Institute, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work
Mary L. McCarthy, Ph.D., LMSW, Co-Principle Investigator, National Child Welfare Workforce Institute, University at Albany School of Social Welfare

Listening Time: 31 minutes

Recruitment and Selection of Child Welfare Staff (Nancy S. Dickinson)

Listening Time: 22 minutes

Retention of Child Welfare Staff (Mary L. McCarthy)

Listening Time: 5 minutes

Questions and Answers

Download Handouts

Agenda and Presenters’ Contact Information

Right Match PowerPoint

Child Welfare Workforce Recruitment and Retention Grantees Cross Site Findings

Child Welfare Retention Research

A Logic Model Template for Design Teams

Annotated Bibliography
This bibliography was prepared for this teleconference by the Child Welfare Information Gateway and compiled in July 2009. For new titles added to the Gateway database, click:

NRCPFC Resources on Child Welfare Workforce Issues