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Educational Collaborations with States - September 17, 2007
Listen to Audio File Part 1
Listening time: 8 minutes
Welcome and Introductions
Gerald P. Mallon, Executive Director, NRCPFC

Overview of Educational Outcomes for Youth in Care
Millicent Williams, Chair, Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Improving Educational Continuity and School Stability


Listen to Audio File Part 2
Listening time: 13 minutes
The California Experience
Maryam Fatemi
Regional Administrator, Pomona, California

Patricia Armani
Education Manager, Pomona, California


Listen to Audio File Part 3
Listening time: 11 minutes
The D.C. Experience
Roque Gerald
Deputy Director, Office of Clinical Practice

Macon Bowden
Executive Assistant, Office of Clinical Practice


Listen to Audio File Part 4
Listening time: 9 minutes
The Way Home Program Cheryl Williams
Social Services Director, Virginia Beach, Virginia


Listen to Audio File Part 5
Listening time: 23 minutes
Questions and Discussion
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Presenter's Contact Information

Millicent Williams

Maryam Fatemi and Patricia Armani

Roque Gerald and Macon Bowden

Annotated Bibliography
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Educational Collaboration on Behalf of Foster Children, 2000-present