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Rural Child Welfare - May 21, 2008
Listen to Audio File Part 1
Listening time: 17 minutes
Welcome and Introductions
Gerald P. Mallon, Executive Director, NRCPFC

Overview of Rural Child Welfare Service
Kathleen Belanger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Stephen F. Austin State University


Listen to Audio File Part 2
Listening time: 17 minutes
The Rural Success Project
Christine Howell, MPA
Project Coordinator, Rural Success Project
UNC-CH School of Social Work


Listen to Audio File Part 3
Listening time: 17 minutes
Rural Adoption Opportunities Projectt
Beverly Gmerek
Project Director, Rural Adoption Cooperative
The Adoption Exchange


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Listening time: 25 minutes
Questions and Answers and Additional Comments


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Kathleen Belanger

Beverly Gmerek

Annotated Bibliography
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Rural Issues in Child Welfare