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Secondary Trauma: Building Resilience among Child Welfare Staff – May 12, 2010

Listening Time: 15 Minutes

Welcome and Introductions, Overview of Teleconference Series
Millicent Williams, MSW, Child Welfare Consultant, National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections, Hunter College School of Social Work

Elements of a Trauma Informed Child Welfare System; Background on ACS-MSSM Children’s Trauma Institute
Erika Tullberg, Executive Director Clinical Systems and Support, New York City Administration for Children’s Services

Listening Time: 23 Minutes

Secondary Trauma and Child Welfare Staff
Fernando Lorence, Child Protective Manager, New York City Administration for Children’s Services

Review of Data on Secondary Trauma (Erika Tullberg)

Listening Time: 16 Minutes

Resiliency Skills: Managing Stresses and Fears
Phoebe Nesmith, Supervisor 11, Child Protective Division, New York City Administration for Children’s Services

Trauma-Related System Characteristics (Fernando Lorence)

Trauma-Driven Outcomes (Phoebe Nesmith)

Resilience Alliance Goals; Interventions to Increase Resilience
 (Fernando Lorence)

Listening Time: 23 Minutes

Implementation of Interventions: Pilot Study Outcomes (Erika Tullberg)

Intervention Scale Up (2009); Modifications (2010) (Fernando Lorence)

Feedback from Staff Participants (Phoebe Nesmith)

Listening Time: 16 Minutes

Lessons Learned; Importance of Linking to Child Welfare Outcomes (Erika Tullberg)

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