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Siblings: Critical Life-Long Connections - May 10, 2006
Listen to Audio File Part 1
Listening time: 22 minutes
Welcome and Introductions
Gerald P. Mallon, DSW, Executive Director, NRCPFC

The Sibling Relationship - Why Place Together?
Regina Kupecky, LSW - Attachment and Bonding Center of Ohio


Listen to Audio File Part 2
Listening time: 12 minutes
The Importance of Sibling Bonds - Through the Eyes of Alumni
April Curtis, Youth Leadership Specialist, Uhlich Children's Advantage Network


Listen to Audio File Part 3
Listening time: 12 minutes
Youth Impacting Sibling Policies in Maine
Penthea Burns, Policy Associate, USM Muskie School of Public Service

Kala Clark, High School Student and Member, Maine Youth Leadership Advisory Team


Listen to Audio File Part 4
Listening time: 19 minutes
Oklahoma DHS Efforts to Place Siblings Together
Roland Saint John, Programs Field Representative, OKDHS Children & Family Services Division

Questions and Discussion

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Presenter's Contact Information

Reginia Kupecky

My Brother My Sister: Sibling Relations in Adoption and Foster Care - A Curriculum

Sibling Recruitment



Penthea Burns


Maine Placement and Visitation Policy
Kala Clark
Maine Visitation Legislation

Youth and Public Policy: How the Two Can Come Together - Crystal Castro


Roland Saint John
OKDHS Sibling Data Charts


Annotated Bibliography
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