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Foster Parents as Mentors to Birth Parents – March 19, 2009

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Listening Time: 13 minutes

Welcome and Introductions
Overview of Today’s Teleconference and the Teleconference Series
Millicent Williams, MSW, Child Welfare Consultant, NRCPFC

New Mexico: Icebreakers and Continuity of Care
Geralynn M. Paiz-Chavez, MA, LPCC, NBC
CYFD Protective Services Supervisor

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Listening Time: 23 minutes

Oklahoma: Building Bridges Together
Alesia Clement
Permanency Program Field Rep.

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Listening Time: 21 minutes

Fairfax, Virginia: Bridging the Gap
Claudia T. McDowell, LCSW
Program Manager, Foster Care & Adoption Program

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Listening Time: 26 minutes

Questions and Answers

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Presenter's Contact Information

Geralynn M. Paiz-Chavez (New Mexico)

Alesia Clement (Oklahoma)

Claudia T. McDowell and Chauncey Strong (Northern Virginia)


Annotated Bibliography
This bibliography was prepared for this teleconference by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. Compiled in March 2009. For new titles added to the Gateway database, click: