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Educational Stability for Children in Out-of-Home Care - March 15, 2006
Listen to Audio File Part 1
Listening time: 16 minutes
Welcome and Introductions
Gerald P. Mallon, DSW, Executive Director, NRCPFC

Overview of Educational Outcomes for Youth in Care
Debbie Staub, Manager K-12 Education, Casey Family Programs


Listen to Audio File Part 2
Listening time: 20 minutes
Educational Experiences from a Youth's Perspective
Jessica Lindsey, Peer Educator


Listen to Audio File Part 3
Listening time: 29 minutes
State Strategies for Educational Stabilty
Kathleen McNaught, Assistant Director of Child Welfare, National Child Welfare Resource Center on Legal and Judicial Issues

Honorable Sue Cuneo, Pima County Juvenile Court, Tucson, Arizona


Listen to Audio File Part 4
Listening time: 21 minutes
State Example - ePassport Program
Tonya Welch-Kahley, Ohio Program Manager

Questions and Discussion

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Presenter's Contact Information

Debbie Staub

Education Tools and Products - Casey Family Programs



Jessica Lindsey


Promoting Educational Success for Young People in Foster Care - National Youth Advisory Council
Kathleen McNaught
Foster Care Education State Legislation and Regulations


Tonya Welch-Kahley
Foster Youth ePassport


Annotated Bibliography
Prepared for this teleconference by the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information/National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (now the Child Welfare Information Gateway). Compiled in March 2006 . For newer titles added to the Gateway database, click:
Educational Stability for Children and Youth in Foster Care