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In this webcast, NRCPFC Director of Information Services, Tracy Serdjenian, spoke with various members of the Treehouse Community about their experiences of being a part of and living within this unique community.  Treehouse is a multi-generational community located in Easthampton, Massachusetts, that was designed to support families who are fostering and adopting children from the public foster care system.  Judy Cockerton, Founder/Executive Director of the Treehouse Foundation, provided viewers with the history of the Treehouse Community and discussed how Treehouse has engaged and partnered with various groups and stakeholders through their initiatives and projects to support children, families, and elders.  She also offered an overview of Treehouse Foundation’s various projects and initiatives, and shared some lessons they learned as the community grew and developed.  Treehouse Community Elders/”Hot Mamas”— Rosa Young, Holly Hanfield, and Sue Ruthier— shared their personal stories of how they came to live at Treehouse, their experiences living within the community, and ways they engage with children and other families.  Parents in the Treehouse Community— Jack D’Amato and Pamela Lumpkin—shared their experiences living at Treehouse, including how it has helped to support their children and families, and how they are involved in the community and engage with other members.  Kerry Homstead, Community Facilitator, discussed her role in connecting Treehouse Community members with resources and helping to meet their emerging needs, as well as best practices and programs at Treehouse that support children and youth in flourishing in this community.  Examples were also provided of the importance and impact of connections and relationships among children, families, and elders in the community.  Beth Spong, Development Consultant, talked about the Treehouse Community in relation to the larger context of the region and country.