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Welcome to NRCPFC’s New EBP Micro-site!
Increasingly, the Children’s Bureau, and the field of child welfare in general, is focused on the utilization of evidence-based practices (EBPs) to support and achieve well-being, safety, and permanency for children, youth, and families.  The field of child welfare can continue to become more skilled and effective by using evidence-based and evidence-informed practices and continuing to develop our knowledge base, as well as by drawing on the work of allied disciplines.  Given this movement in the field, NRCPFC aims to provide resources and information on this topic through this new micro-site, as well as through our Information Services and Training & Technical Assistance.  This site features resources and information from: the NRCPFC; the Children’s Bureau/ACF/DHHS and T&TA Network; Collaborating Organizations; and, the States. It also features Databases/Directories of EBPs. We plan to update the site regularly and invite you to write to us with any additional resources that could be included!

What’s New

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